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Servers are one of the most important assets your company owns. Planning your servers provision is very strategic. we ensure your business data is stored securely, while retaining speed of access and cost efficiency. There are various types of servers from different manufacturers based on performance with the state-of-the-art processors. Your choice of servers also depends on size, scalability, flexibility, manageability, resiliency and others.

Server in Nepal
Tower Servers in Nepal

Tower Servers

A tower server is intended for use as a server and built in an upright cabinet that stands alone. If space is not the major concern, more hard drives can be added to a single server. Easier cooling as the component density is low.

Dell Poweredge T440 Tower Server

Dell EMC Poweredge T140 Tower Server

Dell EMC Poweredge T340 Tower Server

Dell Poweredge T40 Tower Server


Rack Servers

A rack server is a standard-size server designed to be mounted in a server rack constructed to fit into small spaces. Rack servers are the general purpose servers and can be used for a wide range of workloads. A range of rack servers are available for your need starting from a 2-socket server to multiple sockets.

Dell PowerEdge R340 Rack Sever

Dell Poweredge R440 Rack Server

Dell EMC Poweredge R640 Rack Server

Dell EMC Poweredge R740 Rack Server

Dell EMC Poweredge R940xa Rack Server

Dell EMC Poweredge R740xd2 Rack Server