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Dell Technologies is the  server distributor that provides a cross-product solution for cryptographically verified hardware integrity, dynamic system lockdown, and robust firmware and boot protection. A well-established Silicon Root of Trust anchors the technology. Overall, it provides security that begins with design and continues through the supply chain and entire lifecycle.
In Nepal, Neoteric Nepal is a market leader in server distribution. Furthermore, among customers looking to buy servers in Nepal, we are a well-known brand.

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Tower Servers in Nepal

Tower Servers

PowerEdge Tower Servers: Make IT Easy
PowerEdge tower servers are designed to meet the demands of today's office environment. Quiet, non-disruptive acoustics and compact tower servers in one-socket configurations are available for everyday business applications.
Additionally, two-socket options are available for more advanced computing, virtualization, and power-hungry workloads. With Dell EMC OpenManage tools, all tower servers can be easily deployed, managed, and automated. 
Connecting with us enables you to purchase and use the in-demand Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers—ideal for IT needs at home or in a small office.

Dell Poweredge T440 Tower Server

Dell EMC Poweredge T140 Tower Server

Dell EMC Poweredge T340 Tower Server

Dell Poweredge T40 Tower Server


Rack Servers

Designed to help you innovate, adapt, and expand.
Workload demands that change regularly can put even the most sophisticated IT infrastructure to the test. Your business can gain the agility and performance it needs to maximize outcomes and drive innovation with the next-generation Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio of rack servers based on 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors as well as unrivaled security, manageability, and scalability.
The latest PowerEdge rack servers are designed to handle your most difficult workloads while operating autonomously and collaboratively across all of your IT environments. PowerEdge rack servers include the most powerful automation and reporting features yet, when combined with the OpenManage integrated IT management system, allowing you to focus on growing your business.
As an authorized dealer of  Dell Rack Servers in Nepal, we work to bring innovative designs for IT transformation and assist businesses with multiple servers or limited storage space.

Dell PowerEdge R340 Rack Sever

Dell Poweredge R440 Rack Server

Dell EMC Poweredge R640 Rack Server

Dell EMC Poweredge R740 Rack Server

Dell EMC Poweredge R940xa Rack Server

Dell EMC Poweredge R740xd2 Rack Server