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Data Center

In today’s world, Data Center is not just about space and power. Data Center is about addressing all the information technology infrastructure compliances, network connectivity, redundancy, geographic and power criteria.
Neoteric Nepal aims to deliver great performance to all the customer who requires a data center solution. We deliver the service without compromising the quality. The goal is to provide a very high security model, assurance, environment and policy to all the mission critical data to our clients. We make sure our clients get a resilient, always on infrastructure that can seamlessly support your organizational needs and changing workloads.
Different types of DC, like single rack smart DC, modular DC or container DC can be set up depending on the business sizes and IT requirements
Data Center Services:
  • Hosting Service
  • DR office Space
  • Virtual Data Center
  • Public, Private, Hybrid cloud management
  • Enterprise Solution
  • Data Colocation
  • Network Connectivity