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CCTV Surveillance system

Protecting your property has never been more important and at Neoteric with its partners are in the business of helping you to safeguard all of your treasured possessions with a minimum of fuss and maximum affordability! Security alarms have been an integral part of many homes. Outdoor CCTV camera equipment is a common site on business premises and via close collaboration with our suppliers we’re now offering discreet systems for use in the domestic environment. As you’d expect from a company who make choice a priority, our range of equipment is vast and whether you’re looking for a discreet ‘eyeball’ device, or a box variety. Of course we don’t expect our customers to be security experts and with this in mind we like to make ourselves readily available for any security related questions which you may have. Within the industry of security we’re regarded as one of the leading distributors, with a reputation for providing the complete security solution at the keenest of prices. There’s never been a better time to address those security issues and with Neoteric, we’re only too happy to help.