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Kiosk is the very new and bonafide addition to our service. We specialize in self-service automated electronic kiosk which can be used in various aspects of life. Generally, a Kiosk machine is touchscreen and are customer/prospectus oriented with informational and transactional in nature.

The segments where kiosk operates are:

  • ATM Machines
  • Airlines Check-In
  • Internet Cafes
  • Hoteling
  • Banking Sector
  • Information Kiosk terminals

The Kiosk technology has revolutionized consumer experience with cutting edge service and providing ease of convenience in various segments of industry. The self-service kiosk mitigates human error and also negates the need for physical attendants. This also allows the business to maximize the sales and remove the manual transactional burdens.

The segments where kiosk operates are:

  • Parking Kiosk
  • POS terminal
  • Food handling Kiosk
  • Retail Kiosk
  • Hospital Billing Kiosk
  • Hospitality Billing