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Digital Transformation

In today’s digital world, digital technologies are applied across all business functions, resulting in substantial changes in corporate operations and service delivery, as well as operational agility and workforce readiness. In short, it is a cultural change from traditional to digital form.  However, for some people, digital transformation means becoming paperless, while for others, it means adopting Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and the public cloud.
On top of it, COVID-19 became a driving force behind businesses taking responsibility for and embracing digital transformation. This includes the use of chatbots, automation tools for customer support. Businesses are now embracing digital transformation to make the shift as soon as possible. Speaking of facts and scenarios, Digital Transformation in Nepal is credited to COVID-19 as schools came in small screens, rooms became cabins, and cash transactions were done with digital wallets and Mobile Banking. During the lockdown, big enterprises prioritized data management and security as their business operation took place solely on online platforms.
 Although it  is most commonly associated with the business world, it has the potential to have a significant impact on governments, public sector agencies, and organizations working to address societal issues. When these firms use one or more of these present and developing digital technologies, they reap significant benefits.
Despite these various benefits, digital transformation nevertheless faces challenges. So in order to stay agile, leaders are constantly seeking new ways to adopt and grow their business in the rapidly shifting paradigm. These visionary leaders launch new business models and strategies to enhance their performance capacities resulting from advancement in technology innovation solutions. It has become imperative that businesses react in real time—that is, now—to navigate this new environment. They need to take action in critical areas in order to survive and flourish.
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