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Warranty and repair services

Neoteric Support Services offers services that perform continuous and reliable maintenance services based on the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) you choose.

Neoteric service provides maintenance service for customers. With this service, Neo responds to your technical requests for remote troubleshooting and advance hardware replacement in the shortest possible time. We provide onsite technical support to help you maintain a more efficient and stable environment and improve productivity.



The following table shows Neo service coverage:

First Level Assistance (FLA) Support 8 x 5 NBD 24x7 24x7 24x7
Advance Hardware Replacement 8x5xNBD 8x5xNBD 8x5xNBD 24x7
Onsite Support / / 8x5xNBD 24x7


  1. The SLA in this document is for general reference Service contents and response times may vary by severity of request and Geographical location. For detailed information, please contact Neo sales and service representative.
  2. Service delivery is based on commercially reasonable Neo will select a proper service mode based on the actual situation and the committed SLA to resolve your problems in a timely and effective manner. Neo reserves the right to select the specific service mode.

For more details, please visit neostore.com.np