• IT INFRASTRUCTURE Relevant and cutting-edge infra to power growth
  • TELECOM INFRASTRUCTURE Connecting the future of communication
  • IT DISTRIBUTION & RETAIL Channelizing the IT Revolution
  • SYSTEM INTEGRATION Creating local value by integration of world class technologies

About Us

Cutting Edge and Relevant

Neoteric Nepal Pvt. Ltd. brings cutting-edge and relevant technologies to Nepal not only to contribute to the ICT sector but also to make an impact on society at large. All our ventures ensure maximum social impact while ensuring beneficial outcomes to all stake holders. Representing host of leading multinational companies in the world and bringing the most relevant technologies with world-class service and support to Nepal. Neoteric Nepal P Ltd., a company of Golchha Organisation boasts to be the largest IT distribution and infra company in Nepal. We are the most preferred choice for infra projects in Nepal by large blue chip companies and for Government and Telecom projects in Nepal. We are a value added distributor.

About Us


360 Degree Presence

Neoteric has the largest channel presence in the IT sector in Nepal. We also serve largest base of system integrators, enterprise customers, telecom operators and government – including online and offline retail presence.

We match your needs

Neoteric offers a wide range of products – from mobile, computing products, servers, storage, networking, security, surveillance, GIS, databases, video conferencing. We are constantly upgrading our product and services portfolio.

Reputation & Relationships

Neoteric belongs to Golchha Organisation, with over 100 years of reputation in Nepal. We pride ourselves in long-lasting positive reputation with our partners -companies we represent, customers we serve.

Technical Competencies

Neoteric has high end technical capabilities and product and domain knowledge to enable it to provide pre-sales and post-sales support to match customer SLA’s.


Making IT Ubiquitous

Neoteric Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is the largest importer and distributor of ICT products in the country.  We believe in enabling the IT revolution through ubiquitous availability of relevant products from around the world. We have been the leader in this sector since 2004. We have been the first to introduce many product lines in Nepal from Mobile phones to Laptop in large scale . 

Value Added Distributor

Neoteric is a value added distributor in the sense that we undertake end to end services from marketing, supply, logistics, support and warranty to CSR. 

Distribution Reach

Neoteric has deep and wide reach in various channels and retail networks around the country including IT, Mobile, Electronics and Appliances channels.  


Neoteric prides itself in providing world class and seamless service in terms of warranty, repair and support throughout the country.


Services for Business

Neoteric’s technical capabilities are multi-faceted in order to provide 360 degree service to its customers. 

An ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) certified company, we have highly qualified team competent in various faculties. With our years of experience we can meet customer’s demands on providing various services. 


Neoteric undertakes large IT projects from the time of its inception to designing-commissioning and supporting its undertakings.


Neoteric has been involved in many flagship projects in Nepal which includes many IT projects of national importance. Involved directly or indirectly, we are a company which can boast of spot-less track record. 


Given our wide range of partner relationships- representation and local know-how, we specialize in system integration for local and international companies.


Neoteric solves your IT needs


Neoteric specialises in offering end-to-end enterprise solutions for financial, telecom, government including small and medium businesses.

Client Computing

A wide range of computers to suit your application environment.

IT Infrastructure

We can engineer your IT requirements to take care of your data management, virtualization, networking, security, data centres etc.


The essentials for managing your IT needs – video conferencing, GIS solutions, surveillance solutions etc.GIS solutions, surveillance


Enabling Communications Networks


Neoteric works with world class companies to bring world-class radio and optical network solutions to Nepal.

Enterprise Networks

A wide range of products to manage your networks from routing, switching to wireless networks.


Solutions to secure your networks at different levels – from the edge to the core of the internet.

Telecom Infrastructure

From 5G ready networks to optical coverage. We are leading players in enabling broadband delivery in Nepal.

Channel Reach