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Why should you upgrade to Dell EMC VxRail?


Why should you upgrade to Dell EMC VxRail?

Neoteric Admin, Apr 12, 2023

HYPERCONVERGED. the recently most used buzzword in the IT sector in Nepal. What is hyper-converged, and how can it revolutionize the way your business conducts itself every day?
The demand for additional servers also increased as data centers grew many years ago as a result of the increasing number of applications. In terms of data availability, servers were independent, single points of failure. Each individual server housed the hard disks, so any failures there would result in data becoming unavailable until the problem was fixed. This caused the application to be unavailable for long stretches of time and reduced productivity.
Administrators used external storage arrays to improve the use of computing hardware and data availability throughout the compute stack in order to address the problem of a single point of failure. The external storage array quickly became standard in data centers and continues to be so because it makes data accessible to multiple computing resources. The storage array fixed the issue of data accessibility for computation, but it also added complexity to the array's daily management and maintenance tasks. Today, a lot of data centers still rely on multiple arrays to access data, often from various vendors. This leads to confusion and downtime because there are many different points of contact for problem resolution.
With a hyperconverged solution, your compute and storage hardware are once again housed under one roof, eliminating the need for an external storage array. All of the servers in the stack can access local disk storage thanks to hyperconvergence.
How is that possible?

VSAN for VMware

Virtualization leader VMware has developed a wide range of products and features as it has grown. Out of that development, VMware vSAN was released to eliminate the need for a conventional external storage array.
Utilizing the local disk drives in the most recent generation of Dell|EMC PowerEdge servers, the Dell EMC VxRail uses vSAN technology to bring storage back under one roof. The days of having separate physical servers and storage arrays are gone. The standalone physical server filled with local hard disks came full circle with the introduction of VMware vSAN, which enables constant uptime and availability.
When it comes to regular management, VMware vCenter, a user interface that many administrators are accustomed to, is responsible for organizing everything.
Scale up and scale out are the principles upon which the VxRail architecture is based. Your virtual infrastructure can expand to meet your business needs without interfering with regular operations as more compute and storage resources are needed. Additional nodes are added to the current stack as they are needed.
Numerous issues faced by modern datacenters can be fixed by the Dell EMC VxRail.

Easy Updates

Updates are contained in a single, simple-to-install package now that the storage array is no longer required. To make updating simple, Dell EMC and VMware combine all firmware and patches. No demand for unique software programs for various hardware variations and potential maintenance windows. It truly is the simple button for updating your virtualization stack.

Minimal learning curve with VMware vCenter.

This tool is very familiar to many system administrators. The primary interface for your daily operations is vCenter, which VxRail uses. Due to the fact that VxRail was developed using the VMware vSphere platform, there is essentially no learning curve when implementing it in your data center. Instead, the business can continue as usual. The user-friendly interface and intuitive tools make learning VMware easier if you haven't already started your journey.

Single point of contact for assistance.

The biggest difficulty a system administrator may encounter is simply keeping the lights on. Dealing with numerous vendors who might not take responsibility when an issue arises is the only thing that could make this more challenging. This issue is fixed by VxRail's single point of contact for problem resolution. Since the VxRail is all-inclusive, you no longer need to get in touch with different vendors for hardware or software issues. The Dell EMC technical support team has streamlined the process of providing hardware and software support.

Promo Bundle Offer

Yes, You've heard that correctly! Now you can upgrade your IT infrastructure without breaking the bank. Get the most out of your budget with the Dell EMC VxRail promo bundle starting from USD 58K and enjoy unparalleled performance and reliability without overspending.

Even Nepal can compete with the international market with the help of Dell EMC VxRail.
To learn more about how the Hyperconverged VxRail platform and the promo bundle from Dell EMC can address some of your data center's most challenging problems, get in touch with the VxRail experts at Neoteric Nepal.
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