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Dell Technologies is the  server distributor that provides a cross-product solution for cryptographically verified hardware integrity, dynamic system lockdown, and robust firmware and boot protection. A well-established Silicon Root of Trust anchors the technology. Overall, it provides security that begins with design and continues through the supply chain and entire lifecycle.
In Nepal, Neoteric Nepal is a market leader in server distribution. Furthermore, among customers looking to buy servers in Nepal, we are a well-known brand.


Any business is driven by data. Data storage solutions are meant to reliably store data and access easily when needed. Data storage needs are rapidly increasing. Neoteric provides a wide range of storage options; network-level storage in the form of a Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS), cloud data storage for essential offsite backup. In the past few years, flash storage technology and all-flash arrays have grown in use for their flexibility and scalability.
Storage economics are redefined with scalable products that allow you to expand storage on demand, adapt to business needs and intelligently manage your data.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

A Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is basically an integrated platform for compute, storage and networking resources. It typically consists of multiple compute nodes, hypervisors for virtualization of resources, networking switches and a smart management software to take care of the resources. The system is well engineered for data protection, backup, redundancy and disaster recovery abilities, reducing data center complexities.
The HCI environment is easy to use, with greater scalability and resource efficiency. Companies can start small and grow resources as needed.

Data Protection

The key principles of data protection are to safeguard and make available data under all circumstances. Data availability ensures users have the data they need to conduct business even if the data is damaged or lost.
For the data protection, there are appliances that combine backup, replication, deduplication, search, analytics, instant access and restore, as well as DR and long-term retention to the Cloud. Another area where data protection technologies are coming together is in the merging of backup and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities.


In a typical data center, many of the servers sit idle as the workload is distributed to only some of the servers on the network. Hardware resources, power, support are expensive. So, the concept of virtualization is introduced in order to optimize resource utilization by partitioning physical servers into several multiple virtual servers. Each virtual environment runs its own operating system and applications. Virtualizing servers is often a good solution for small- to medium-scale applications.
Virtualizing a server can directly save money on IT costs, reduce number of servers, save energy consumption.