Neoteric Nepal strives on its relationships with the entire ecosystem. This is value addition provided by us to various stake holders that we interact with. Keeping in tradition with our parent organisation – Golchha Organisation’s ethos – we value our relationships over everything else. Relationships with customers, channel, employees, vendor companies, partners companies and shareholders.

Multinational Company Representation And Distribution

Following on our parent organisation’s footsteps, whose relations with international companies go not a few decades but over 50 years. Neoteric has relationships with its partner companies lasting almost two decades, since its inception. We hope that this speaks volumes about our value systems which ensure that we justify our relationships with our partners in a holistic manner.

Our relationship with our vendor partners are in a diverse range of products and platforms to enable us to meet our vision and mission to be part of the IT revolution in the country for progress.

Strategic Partnerships

Neoteric Nepal is aligned with international and local companies for strategic partnership for various aspects of business in Nepal. Neoteric Nepal offers value added services in order to synergise our efforts for business execution. Our relationships with below listed companies are ongoing or past projects.

IT Infrastructure

IT Consumer

Networking & Telecom


System Integration Partners

Global Partners

Local Partners




Main asset of Neoteric is its relationship with its customers. Neoteric reaches to a wide range of customer base through different channels. From touching a student to the biggest of the enterprises in Nepal, Neoteric maintains its relationships in different fashion – the result being the good will and brand value it enjoys in the market.